5 Telltale Signs your SMS Program Needs a Makeover

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Many businesses are hopping on the wave of SMS messaging, and for good reason. SMS messaging is a highly-effective way to attract new customers in 2018. In fact, 90% of consumers use their mobile device to make impulsive purchasing decisions. However, some businesses are not able to reap the benefits of SMS messaging because their program isn't producing great results. With that said, we're going to provide you with 5 telltale signs your SMS program needs a makeover.

1. You Have No Way to Analyze People's Replies

Just as with any marketing strategy, you should be able to gather valuable data that can strengthen your marketing efforts and improve your business in the long-run. If your SMS program isn't allowing you to gain insight on your customers' replies, then it serves your business no purpose. There is no way for you to understand your customers' needs and wants. Essentially by sending text messages blindly, you will not be able to make any important changes on how you market to your customers moving forward.

2. You are Asking People to Reply with Template Answers 

Many business owners may feel that it is easier for customers to offer templated responses, such as "A, B, C, D" or "Yes and No", but this can actually hurt your business in the end. Customers want to be able to give honest feedback about their experience with your business and their expectations moving forward.

Customers don't want pre-crafted responses that may or may not reflect how they feel about your business. This generally results in customers not replying to your message because they may believe that their input isn't truly valued. Every business should seek to gain insightful and genuine answers from their customers because this will help their business see the best results. 

 3. You are not able to Respond to People's Messages 

The purpose of SMS messaging isn't just to get responses from customers but it opens up the line of communication for you to respond back to your customers. If you can't respond to your customers to help meet their needs, then you are using your SMS messaging program all wrong. 

Responding back to your customers lets them know that you are dedicated and transparent. Additionally, this can give you a competitive advantage in the long-run as you are able to leverage SMS text messaging to build loyal customers who will advocate for your business. 

 4. You are not Texting from a Persona 

When it comes to SMS text messaging, you don't want your business to sound robotic. This does not help you build strong relationships with your customers. Instead, it makes it easier for customers to delete your messages without ever really looking at it. 

Customers want to feel connected to your business. This means that you should strive for your business's voice to shine through. For instance, have an employee introduce themselves through text when sending messages to your customers. This lets people know that there is a person on the other end and not just another automated message with no personality. 

 5. You are using Text Messaging to only Offer Promotions

While promotions are great, if you are only using text messages for promotions then you are limiting yourself to the possibilities with your SMS program. You should be using your SMS program to engage people and build deeper connections with your customers. 

For instance, you can offer short surveys, ask for customers' opinions, or provide customers with valuable information. They are more likely to engage with your business and take advantage of promotions when they arise.

SMS text messaging is a powerful marketing tool. However, business owners need to assess whether or not their current SMS strategy is producing the right results. Be sure to check out our 5 telltale signs your SMS program needs a makeover today.

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