Simple Ways to Improve Your Call Connect Rate


Whether you are in a healthcare organization, a home improvement business, or another sales-driven industry, there will always be times when outgoing phone calls are the method for reaching new leads. Cold calling from your call center doesn't have to be difficult and yield low return. In fact, we at Bitesize have increased the number of demonstrations and 2nd appointments we receive through cold calling and other marketing strategies. Here are some of the ways that your cold calling agents can improve their success.

1. Don't Delay: Use an API for First Responses to Webforms

Certainly, calling all new contacts instantly from your call center would be nice, but with leads signing up for your newsletter via your website at all times of day, you may not be able to immediately reach out. Instead, automate a text message that is comfortable and inviting so that they hear from you immediately, and match your name to a voice soon after.

Example Text: "Hi it's Lucy from Installation Professionals. I'm happy to help you explore options for [desired service]. When is the best time to schedule a quick five-minute call?" 

By asking for only 5 minutes, and not overloading the message with additional sales copy, you can promote a response from the reader. Certainly, you may only receive responses from a fraction of the total leads, but they'll know to expect a call from you if they don't respond.

2. Follow-Up With a Text Message After Leads Don't Pick Up the Phone

Even people who are calling their best friends experience "phone tag," so it is no wonder that your cold calling agents find very few people are available to take a call. Use this to your advantage: create a list of all leads that do not answer, and send a text message that is clearly tailored to their situation. 

Example Text: "Hello, I'm Aaron from Medical Suppliers. I'm sorry I missed you this afternoon when I called to discuss [desired service]. When is a good time for us to schedule a quick five-minute call?"

This message establishes both concern about not inconveniencing them, as well as showing that you are persistent and thorough, which are good qualities in a new supplier. You'd be surprised how many leads fall through the cracks because no one follows up after one missed call.

3. Offering a Scheduled Call Time? Add an iCal or Google Calendar link to the Text Message.

So many people these days add meetings to their calendars and forget about them until the day of. I'm going to offer you a huge game changing secret right now... send your prospects and leads a link to iCal or Google Calendar invite! They can click that link once and add that call to their calendars. You can do the same thing if they suggest the time themselves and you reply to confirm.

You can take advantage of text messages and use SMS to share calendar invites. Apple's calendar application and Google Calendar both have options for sending invites and reminders through SMS, reaching a person on their most frequently checked electronic device. You cannot control their settings for Push Notifications, but you can make sure that you helpfully text a link that can automatically add your call to their calendar. 

These strategies fill in the gaps that are left when cold calling agents don't reach out in every way possible. These techniques don't resort to repetitive calls that waste your agents' precious time and resources, but rather make it clear that the agent is diligent, attentive, and willing to go the extra mile. Ready to really see those demos and 2nd appointments skyrocket? Contact us to learn more.