Why Your Facebook Ads Stopped Working (And How To Fix Them)

Facebook has been a leader in social media for a few years now, and smart marketers know how essential it is to leverage social media to grow their audience. But recently, the tides are beginning to shift, and Facebook isn't quite the powerhouse it once was. Read on to learn why this is happening, and what you can do to still use Facebook advertising to your advantage.

What's Happening With Facebook?

With more and more young people turning to social chat apps like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook is losing its grip on the under 25 crowd. While Facebook still has two billion users, it may not trend upwards as quickly in the future. Recent problems with fake news, privacy issues and data breaches have tarnished Facebook's reputation, and at the same time, instant messaging apps are skyrocketing in popularity.

In early 2018, Facebook announced that it would completely revamp it's newsfeed feature, placing less emphasis on content from businesses, and focusing more on "connecting people to meaningful posts from their friends and family." While this was bad news for businesses, it doesn't mean it's impossible to grow your audience with Facebook, though it has made it a bit tougher. However, by taking a new approach to Facebook marketing, you may be able to reach more people than ever before.

Advertising With Messenger

Facebook Messenger marketing is relatively new to the game but is having a huge impact. In the past year, use of messenger apps has surpassed social networks. These apps aren't just used to chat with friends, but also to connect with brands. Online tools let you create a chatbot that can gather data, ask questions, and send out regular messages to your fans. Chatbots can help your followers find relevant data or news stories, and engage potential customers.

Generate high-quality sales leads or reengage contacts by collecting lead information and identifying the use's step in their sales journey. Once you gather the relevant data, you can have a live sales rep reach out to the person, so they know they're getting a truly personalised experience.

Marketing with messenger can be just another tool that you add to your marketing arsenal, but at this point in the game, it shouldn't be ignored. Messenger apps are currently exploding in growth and now is the time to jump in. To learn more about implementing this strategy, send me a note at jess(at)bitesize.com today.

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Jess Lee is the founder & CEO of Bitesize, helping companies drive sales with 1–on-1 conversations with millions of people at scale.