3 Reasons Why Automated Messages won't Produce the Revenue you Want


Companies are becoming focused on being readily available for consumers as more purchase decisions are being made online. With that said, many businesses have been prioritizing automated SMS messages to connect with their customers. In fact, the average click-through rate for SMS marketing is 36%.

However, you should keep in mind that using automated SMS messages can negatively impact this statistic drastically. Automated messages may not produce the revenue that brands are looking for and here’s why:

1. Automated messages are inhuman

Automated messages appear to be the perfect solution for marketers who are consumed with busy schedules but still need to interact with their customers. However, automated messages reduce the opportunity to build a personal, long-standing relationship with potential customers.

Essentially, strong customer relationships are the key to every successful business. In 2018, consumers want to feel connected to a brand, and that connection is what helps to guide their purchasing decision in the long-run. Automated messages cause a disconnect between the business and the customer and are not as memorable as a customized message. Additionally, it becomes difficult for customers to get to know your brand and removes the opportunity for a business to be more transparent and win over customers.

2. You are telling people to click on a link, instead of talking through a conversation

Many marketers use SMS as a platform to promote their product or service. While that certainly is the end goal, there is much more than telling customers to click on a link that will benefit the brand long-term, building unbeatable brand loyalty. 

SMS is a natural platform for conversations to take place. When you text your mom, you don’t say “Jess has moved to a new location, please click this link to check the address. http://bit.ly/newlocation” Your customers and leads want to be spoken to like they are usually spoken to on their SMS app.

You don’t text your Mom “Jess has moved to a new location, please click this link to check the address. http://bit.ly/newlocation”

Ultimately, automated SMS messages can cause customers to lose interest rather quickly. Without personalizing the message in some way to open the door for genuine conversation, individuals will delete or ignore the text, causing businesses to lose out on money.

3. Automated messages don’t walk customers through the pipeline

Another big issue that many businesses don’t realize is that automated messages do not take into account where their customer is in the decision-making process. Essentially, a sales pipeline helps business owners track the progress of the individual and see how close they are to making an actual purchase.

With that said, automated messages means that you can’t meet your customer at their point of need. This results in business losing out on a potential sale because automated messages won’t carry customers through the pipeline.

Business owners have to consider whether the person is a first-time site visitor, ready to purchase a product for the first time or is already a loyal customer. Knowing this valuable information helps businesses respond accordingly.

Why AI and Chatbots Matter

It’s important that brands consider AI chatbots to help combat the issue that automated messaging presents. AI chatbots have rapidly grown over the years and have become a staple for business owners striving to engage with their customers on a daily basis.

AI chatbots allow for rapid conversation and can increase customer engagement by answering questions for customers in a friendly way. Essentially, this creates the space for more genuine interaction and will better serve to build stronger relationships with customers, thus increasing sales.

Learning Point

SMS marketing is growing exponentially as more consumers buy on their mobile devices. Marketers need to be careful when implementing automated messages. Leveraging AI and chatbot will help make the text messages feel human and will help brands to make a deep connection with their leads and customers, helping you beat competitions and stay on top of the market long-term.

To learn more about implementing this strategy, send me a note at jess(at)bitesize.com today.

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Jess Lee is the founder & CEO of Bitesize, helping companies drive sales with 1–on-1 conversations with millions of people at scale.