3 Simple Messages to Convert Leads into Customers

When you decide to test a conversational marketing strategy. the first question that comes to mind is: “What am I going to say? 😅”

You are not alone in this. One of the most important functions of any conversational marketing strategy is to turn your leads into customers. Without new conversions turning up some good ROI, your new strategy likely won’t last too long!

Just like your boss will have a (hopefully good) first impression of your strategy based on revenue related metrics, your customers will have a first impression of your persona based on your message content. This makes the first message you send them vital.

Keys to a Good Opening Message

There are a few keys you’ll want to implement for any opening message. For starters, your message needs to be human-like.

You want the person on the other end to know they are dealing with a fellow human being, and not an automated service.

Consumers nowadays can sniff automated messages from a mile away. Let me repeat. Consumers nowadays can sniff automated messages from a MILE away.

  1. Attach YOUR name to the message is one simple way to make your opening message more human-like.
    Notice I said YOUR name, not their name. Hi {Jenny} is not going to help them visualize you as an actual human being. You are building a persona for your messaging person by saying Hi it’s {Your Name} from {Brand Name}
  2. Give the potential customer what they are looking for right away. This process is called the A to Z technique
    The idea is that you want to get your lead from where they are now to where they want to be as quickly as you can. Why? Because people are more likely to continue with something if they enjoy it, and getting results quickly is something people enjoy. 
    So think about what it is your lead wants. Do they want to learn more about your product? Talk to a representative? See a demo? The quicker you can get into delivering your potential customer something they want, the more likely it is that they’ll stick with you and turn into a customer.

Sample Opening Messages

To get you started, here are a few example messages you can use to convert your leads into customers.

  1. “Hi it’s [name] from [brand name]. I’m glad you decided to [service offered] with [brand name]. We are happy to offer you a free consultation. What’s the best time?”— As you can see in this example, we add our name, mention the specific product or service they are interested in, and get to the point. You’re offering a free consultation right off the bat, and getting the lead involved in the process by asking for a suitable time. Notice you aren’t asking if they want a free consultation, but are instead assuming they want one, and moving right into scheduling it.
  2. “Hi it’s [name] from [brand name]. We’re excited to help you [service offered]. What’s the best time for me to give you a call?”— With this message, rather than setting up a free consultation, you are establishing a time to talk to them on the phone. Not everyone has time for something like an in-person consultation, and would rather learn more about the product or service via a phone call. This message is friendly and succinct, getting right to the point of scheduling a call.
  3. “Hi it’s [name] from [brand name]. We’re excited to help you [service offered]. What’s the best time for me to give you a demo?”— If your company offers demos of your product or service, this is a great message to try out. You don’t need anything fancy or complicated to start converting your leads into customers. Just say hello and offer to give them a demo.

Improving Your Messages

The above messages will hopefully give you a place to start when crafting your opening message. Track their success rate, and then look for ways to make improvements by adding in customized fields or asking them different questions (or simply letting them know that they can reply back with any questions). Initially, you should be tracking things like click rate, response rate, and different ways to segment your list to customize your messages.

After some A/B tests, you should be able to see which messages are working for you, and which ones aren’t. If you’d like to run your first message by me, reach me at jess(at)bitesize.co anytime.

Bitesize admin