3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Collect Mobile Phone Numbers

If you haven't noticed that everyone—literally everyone—has a mobile phone, then chances are you've been spending too much time walking around with your eyes glued to your phone. Over 95% of the U.S. population now has a mobile device, so why don't more organizations take advantage of this marketing channel?

There's a lot of emphasis on digital marketing that caters to smartphone users, but only 77% of the population has smartphones, so why stop there? With SMS marketing, you can reach the entirety of cell phone users, whether they have a smartphone or not. You don't have to have a smartphone to receive text messages. 💁

Here are three reasons why your organization should start collecting mobile phone numbers from visitors and customers. Believe me, the rewards of a successful SMS marketing strategy will be more than worth the effort of adding phone number fields to your forms.

Text Messages Have a High Open Rate

You probably won't be shocked to find that text messages have a high open rate. After all, our text inboxes aren't full of spam and texts are generally a quick and easy read. However, you may be surprised at just how high that open rate is. Ninety-eight percent of recipients open texts, and 90% of them read it within THREE SECONDS, which shows that we may all be a little too attached to our phones. 😍 for marketers, but 😱 for humanity?

As landlines disappear and mobile phones become the norm, texting is the preferred method of communication by both Gen Y and Gen Z, and even by many of the older generations. It's fast, unobtrusive, and way less awkward than speaking to a stranger on the phone.

Because they prefer to text, it's also pretty easy to get customers to share their number with you. Seventy percent of all customers are willing to share their mobile number voluntarily (especially if they trust your brand), and that number increases to 80% if you offer the right incentive. 

Even though texting is preferred, it doesn't mean it should become the primary communication method you use with your customers. Too many texts and it's easy to send "STOP" to unsubscribe, but as long as you use text messages in a measured and targeted manner, your open rate should put ✨stars✨ in your eyes.   

SMS Marketing Is Immediate

Yes, email has immediate delivery, but text messaging has immediacy in its creation as well. If you've ever run an email campaign, you know how long the process can take, from brainstorming to copywriting to coding, testing, segmenting, and sending. I almost broke into a sweat just writing that sentence! 💦 

A text message is a sentence or two and perhaps a few emojis depending on your brand's persona—so simple and fast. If your texting service supports it, you can also create multimedia texts, but it's still nothing compared to an email campaign.

There's also an immediacy on the audience side. Unlike emails, which are easily ignored and sometimes end up in a spam folder or segmented tab, text messages all end up in the same inbox with no filter. And you don't have to rely on the perfectly worded title to entice your audience to open it, their phone's text notification does that for you.

It bears repeating that once people get that notification, your text will be read by 90% in 3 seconds! 😲 😲 

And how do we know this? Because text messages are tracked in real time. Most providers send delivery reports, but the top service providers will include details on who opened the texts, when, and what actions they took next.

SMS Marketing Is Cost-Effective 🤑

Perhaps the most attractive reason to build your SMS marketing strategy is that it is extremely cost-effective and can even help lift all other marketing channels.

The shortcode (SMS phone number) costs from $500-$1,000 a month depending on whether you want a unique number or are willing to share one, while the actual texts run between $.01 and $.05 each. If you use keywords, those will cost an additional $5-$25 a month.

Because the SMS marketing conversion rate is so high (an average 19% CTR for URLs), the cost of the SMS service platform and texts should more than pay for themselves. And as you build your mobile phone number database, the mobile marketing services become even more cost-efficient. 

Consider, too, that text messages are a great way to bring attention to other marketing channels. For instance, a text message referencing a recently sent email can increase that email's open rate by 20-30 percent, which is a big boost! 🙌


Text message marketing is welcome simplicity in today's world. In this time with its constant bombardment of highly visual marketing, sometimes it's nice to get a short, simple message with a clear call-to-action. Based on the success of SMS marketing, customers agree.

If you have any questions about SMS marketing, let us know. Otherwise, go forth and put your mad texting skills to good use! 😎